Sin so easily blinds me

Exchanging the truth for a lie

It wraps around my heart and binds me

Cast into utter darkness

Into a pit of despair

The more I struggle for freedom, the more I sink

My flesh is nothing but a snare

Can I be free of this sickness?

Of this illness infecting my heart?

First, I must see myself as a sinner

A wretch in need of forgiveness

A sinner rightly condemned

Separated by my sinful nature

Quicker to worship the beauty of creation

Rather than the beautiful hands of my creator

Set in motion since the Fall

That climatic moment in the garden

Through one man sin came to all

A debt that only God could pardon

Representative to the human race

Adam’s shadow cast on us all

Blinded to the majesty of our Lord

Numb to the beauty of God’s grace

Yet God in his redeeming love

Looked down upon humanity

Sending his only son from above

Seemingly mistaken as insanity

The word became flesh

Sent to purchase and redeem

He loosened the bondage of sin

Yes, he set the prisoner free

Not coming to abolish

Rather, upholding the entire law

Indeed God’s holy standard remained  

Even after the fall

Helpless within ourselves

Yet the question still remains

How can a holy and just God,

Acquit sinners just the same,

All the while his character remain?

The answer is in Christ

His completed work on the cross

Placing our faith in Him

We might pass from death to life

God’s wrath fully appeased

By His only Son

Who willingly gave his life on that tree

Absorbing God’s wrath

Making perfect payment for our sin

Washed in his blood

Reconciled back to Him

Yet death could not defeat Him

The grave could not hold Him

Arose in 3 days

Forever we behold Him

Ascended to the right hand

He lives to make intercession

The perfect lamb of God

The greatest gift sent from Heaven

Imputed righteousness for all who believe

A clean slate

A new record

Something we could never achieve

Purely a gift

An act of God’s grace

Who then should boast?

What a slap it is in God’s face

To rob the cross of its glory

Taking God out of the equation

Placing ourselves at the center of the story

What then should our response be?

Shall we sin that grace abounds?

Or work harder like it’s something to achieve?

Might we be viewing through the wrong lens?

For the love of God compels

It’s the fuel itself

That moment when you realize you were rescued from hell

On death row

Our fate was set

Until Christ broke in and paid our debt

A heart that was dead

Now given new life

One of the many benefits of our union with Christ

Now given a ministry

A ministry of reconciliation

A message for the world

Good news for the nations

Ambassadors we are

Proclaiming his name

Heralds indeed

Giving Christ all the fame

For onward we march

And forward we strive

Until on that day when our faith becomes sight


Categories: Poem/Spoken Word