There is something exciting about the new. The end of the past and the start of the future are powerful because during those moments many emotions come out of the heart: pain, relief, sorrow, joy, anxiety, horror, peace, jubilation, angst, fear, happiness, eagerness, frustration. And does not all of literature, film, and entertainment deal with the old, or the new? Whether good or bad, there is something about the change in beginning that excites a reaction from us.

What do you feel when you must move to a new city? Start a new job? Meet a new friend? What is your standard reaction to unexpected changes in your plans? The simplest way to describe it may be “it’s complicated,” but that communicates everything and nothing at the same time. At least you and I are not alone in this, for our reactions and feelings about beginnings are common. Every person from past to present has dealt with positive and negative feelings toward change.

This blog is a beginning for Joel and I to communicate our thoughts in a way we have seldom done, so we feel a mixture of things. It is also a continuation of things that have happened to us in the past, things that have shaped our hearts and minds. Most notably, our beginning in God’s creation physically, and rebirth into his family spiritually through salvation.

I don’t believe that beginnings are isolated events, at least not for us as humans and especially not for us at Adopted Thinking. God may have created out of nothing, but we have to start from something that exists. So taking joy in beginning might also be relief in an ending. Maybe fear of beginning is also dread of a bad potential ending. Sorrow in beginning and also grief for saying goodbye to something good. We are not able to disassociate our pasts from our present, hence, we will focus on different things in the gospel and scripture. Our reactions will be different along the way.

However, while our transition from old to new or sanctification is different, it also remains very similar. Some of the basic facts remain the same: there is sin in our lives that needs to die; there are attributes of our character that can improve; God is transforming us more and more into a perfect image of himself, that of his son Jesus. We know you are going through similar things too, so we hope our work at Adopted Thinking will bring you challenge, comfort, and encouragement through your process.

Our feelings toward this blog are, well, complicated. We are anxious and happy to outlet our thoughts and feelings. We also feel cautious and responsible to not say idiotic things or speak falsely about our God. We desire to communicate our true feelings, thoughts, and Truth while maintaining love for all who might read this, including those who might be considered enemies.

Regardless, by the grace of God, here we go.

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